Pernilla Wåhlström

I am a native of Sweden and currently live in France. I grew up bilingual, speaking both Swedish and English at home. In Sweden everybody has to learn English in school (from second grade) so I learned the basic rules of writing there. At the age of 18 I started working in health care and after that I worked in an arts and crafts store, but even though I liked it I was looking for something different. So, after a few years, I decided to change paths completely and moved to the US and went to College (Burlington County College) where I studied English, literature and a number of other subjects to get as great a width as possible.


After 2½ years in the US I moved back to Sweden in year 2000 and studied literary science at Karlstad University and at this time I started translating part time. Since 2008 I work full time as a translator.


Donald Wåhlström

I am a native of Sweden and currently live in France. After many years in the sales industry, both as employed and later on owning and running my own company in the industry for six years, I decided to change direction when the need for translators in my area of expertise increased, and in 2013 I decided to join our family business, Neelah Translations (founded in 2000), and have since working as a full time freelance translator.

I started my own French registered translation company in 2019, with the similar name Neelah Traductions.

As a trained Network Technician and with a great interest in computers/IT, this is also one of my specializations. Besides general translations and computers/IT, my areas of expertise are sales, marketing, games, web platforms, mobile devices, apps, computer software, CMS platforms, PIM software, information/leaflets/brochures.

I have also extended experience from working in the following areas: Hotels, Travel/Tourism, Sales, Medical equipment, Human resources, Alternative medicine.
Since 2015, I have been working as the main translator of the Swedish Translation Team at CPSL for Cerner's Healthcare Solutions, localizing their HealthCare Software Solutions for the Swedish Healthcare organizations and hospitals (including procurements, requirement and description documents, etc.) and this is an ongoing project.